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 exS vs Outbr3ak [WON]

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PostSubject: exS vs Outbr3ak [WON]   Mon Apr 05, 2010 6:57 pm

exS Line Up.

exS faaa1th.
exS pAttie.
exS Eryks.
exS FLaSh.

`Outbr3Ak <> Line Up:

`Outbr3Ak <> Karibik
`Outbr3Ak <> Flemmy
`Outbr3Ak <> TRiPx

First Map:
Pavlov 20-02

Second Map:
Brecourt 20-01

Final Score: 40-03

Match Comment:Nothing special i guess :p pattie raged because kai got so many frags of him Very Happy gg anyway


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exS vs Outbr3ak [WON]
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